Old enough to know better.
Young enough to try anyway.

Peace Corps

I have been thinking a lot about joining the peace corps lately. I am very nervous about it, but I may not have another opportunity to do it. I really want to Peace Corps it up, but I have some major reservations. First of all, I am really worried about the culture shock that would come with living away from home for 2 years and 3 months. On the up side it would be an amazing experience in which I can fully experience a culture, and become ingrained into it! As an Anthropology major, I find this opportunity the height of excitement. My second reservation is that I am really worried about leaving my family and friends for 2 years. I dont know if I could live without the contact with them for two whole years. Lives can change in hours and I am not sure weather or not I could be around to miss the changes which mean the most to me right now. It would help pay part of my student loans (this is a small but relevant point), and afterward I will need all the money I can get to go to law school. 

I guess my main thing is that I dont know if I can disconnect myself from my friends and family to leave them and do my own thing for two years.

Call me a nerd, but im excited as hell about RE6… too bad i dont have a next gen at my apartment… OH WAIT, it comes out in september! By then Colby and I will have commandeered a system for our apartment! life win? i think so! 

“I am better off than he is, for he knows nothing, and thinks that he knows; I neither know nor think that I know.”

—   Socrates

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Hilariously he already has… I feel like when he said “child labor laws are stupid” he sorta blew the game. 
love roman style homes! open in the middle!
is this your house? #picklejuice



Spreading Christmas fear… I mean cheer!

haha this is AWESOME!

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